Why Gaza discussion banned.

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Why Gaza discussion banned.

Post by Eagle »

Fully appreciate you have to maintain law and order on the Forum. Seems only one subject gets banned , or are there others.
There seems to be all too many conflicts in our world but discussion only banned on one , it seems.

Also the Topic you closed down was actually about the Policy of the Government of China

As Nigel would add . Have a good afternoon.
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Re: Why Gaza discussion banned.

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This is the only prescriptive forbidden subject in Town Pub as explained here:
https://sydenham.org.uk/forum/viewtopic ... 15&t=11697

We have been round the reasons why many times and it hasn't changed. Basically it is a passionate subject that will almost certainly get too heated and require moderation. No moderation is likely to be accepted as neutral by either side so we aren't going there. There are many other areas to discuss this robustly elsewhere on the web and any major fracas here may damage our primary function which is:

"To be a friendly place to discuss Sydenham"

If you didn't want your thread closed Eagle you shouldn't have been first to lead it into forbidden territory. I let that go but when you were followed I did the usual.

Maybe the next Admin may have different ideas. Until then the prohibition stays. Hope you understand even if you don't agree.
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