Recommendation for fence repair company

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Recommendation for fence repair company

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I have a couple of fence panel posts that need repairing. Does anybody know any good people in Sydenham?


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Re: Recommendation for fence repair company

Post by mosy »

I'd suggest asking at Wickes as they'll have all the gubbins so just need a fitter recommendation. There's one on Catford Hill: and another near Anerley Station. (Other DIY sheds are available.) Or more locally, the garden centre behind Forest Hill station or the Penge Lane one.

For fence posts, you can buy wood or concrete. Wood ones are easier to level off if the ground is rubbly. Some need a metal spike, a sort of socket holder sunk into the ground. Probably set in a concrete foot to hold either steady. Both need brackets etc to hold the fence panels - i.e. all the gubbins.

If you need new fence panels, I've found there's a significant different in quality, in that some warp quickly and unbelievably. You might need to consider why your posts failed which could be anything, e.g. old age, disruptive tree roots, soil packed too high etc.

It's worth making sure you know exactly what a fitter will do methinks if you want your posts to stay put.
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Re: Recommendation for fence repair company

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Hi, I've used Shaun the Handyman for fencing repairs in the past and no complains - very friendly. I think I originally got his details from this site.
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